Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

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In recent years, the world continues the trend of digitizing data and expanding the role of electronic information exchange. In this regard, the issue of confidentiality and data protection becomes crucial as any data leakage could lead to significant losses for businesses or have a negative impact on the company's business reputation. The issue of personal data protection is particularly acute.

Our team has professional knowledge and broad experience in advising clients on data protection and cybersecurity issues.

Our services:

  • Advising on various issues related to personal data processing, including the localization of personal data, personal data transfer to third parties, cross-border transfer, analysis of the legal grounds for processing personal data and other issues
  • Auditing companies for compliance with personal data legislation (including on their corporate website), identifying risks and preparing recommendations to mitigate/eliminate them, and amending existing documents
  • Preparing documents to bring the company into compliance with personal data legislation, including the preparation of individualized data processing consent
  • Handling interactions with the Federal Service for Supervision in the area of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (“Roskomnadzor”), including providing support during inspections and preparing responses to requests from Roskomnadzor
  • Providing daily support to the company as part of the personal data subscription service (including external DPO service)
  • Coordinating experts on projects requiring the collection of digital evidence and the investigation of cybersecurity offenses
  • Implementing trade secret regimes, including for protecting know-how and preparing the necessary set of documents based on the existing business processes in the company
  • Implementing other confidentiality protocols, including for protecting insider information, as well as preparing the necessary set of documents
  • Conducting training sessions on confidentiality for employees and top management
  • Conducting legal investigations in case of data leakage, assistance in bringing guilty employees to disciplinary and other types of liability
  • Representing our clients’ interests in court in case of disclosure of confidential information by the counterparty and bringing them to liability