Our webinar and business brunch series are great opportunities to stay updated on the latest legal changes and to discuss topical issues with the BIRCH LEGAL experts.

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Case Study: Employer Strategies for Protecting Themselves in Disputes with Employees and Labor Protection Issues
5 June 2024

The last few years have been full of disputes related to the regulation of labor relations. During the webinar our colleagues will give recommendations that can be implemented in order to protect the company’s management.

Real estate deals in 2024: answers to the most pressing questions
23 May 2024

The lawyers at BIRCH LEGAL have picked out today's most pressing problems in the sector and are ready to share the solutions they've refined throughout their practice.

Navigating countersanctions decrees: how to advance through the application process with the Government Commission and get a transaction approved
18 April 2024

Obtaining such approval is a relatively straightforward procedure that is, however, complicated by a myriad of normative and recommendatory documents surrounding it.

Structuring international businesses in the Middle East: Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia
3 April 2024

Today, implementing business initiatives in the Middle East is no longer limited to the United Arab Emirates, and this has compelled us to consider the region more broadly.

Dividends being included in the customs value of imported goods: the current status of investigations and practical recommendations for passing them
19 March 2024

In August 2023, the FTS of Russia started to investigate the inclusion of dividends into the customs value of imported goods.

Legal issues surrounding ecology and business: novelties, trends, risks and their minimization
16 February 2024

BIRCH LEGAL and consulting company Environ Consult CIS, which specializes in assessing the effects certain activities have on the environment, will share their experience on dealing with ecological law.