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The Decree of the President of the RF dated 23 May 2024 No. 442 on the special procedure for compensating damages caused by the unfriendly actions of the US

A presidential Decree introduced a procedure for compensating damages incurred by the actions of the US at the expense of American assets, namely, the property of Russian subsidiaries controlled by American persons.

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News from the bankruptcy sector

The last year has been rich in news from the bankruptcy sector. Our dispute resolution team has prepared a detailed legal alert.

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Countersanctions requirements for real estate transactions

The BIRCH LEGAL team has prepared an overview of the procedure of real estate transactions approval and the main requirements set by the Governmental Commission

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Overview of legislative initiatives regulating marketplace commerce

Information aggregators focusing on goods and services (marketplaces) are major players in e-commerce. Accordingly, such marketplaces’ share of the total volume of e-commerce exceeded 50% as of June 2023[1] 

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356 days until tax audits for IT companies begin: main risks to consider and key preparations to make

The current legislative regulations on corporate income tax do not explicitly address which tax rate will be applied from the beginning of 2025. Judging solely from the text of paragraph 1.15 of Article 284 of the Tax Code of the RF, it follows that the 0% tax rate won’t be applied from the beginning of 2025 which necessarily entails that the general tax rate of 20% will.

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The Plenum of the Supreme Court approved new clarifications on unauthorized structures

The new Resolution addresses various circumstances that do not qualify as grounds for recognizing a structure as an unauthorized construction, specifies the list of structures not subject to the rules on unauthorized constructions, and resolves an array of disputes that tend to arise when legalizing an unauthorized construction.

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