Legal issues surrounding ecology and business: novelties, trends, risks and their minimization

BIRCH LEGAL and consulting company Environ Consult CIS, which specializes in assessing the effects certain activities have on the environment, will share their experience on dealing with ecological law.

16 February 2024
The webinar will be held in Russian in the Mirapolis Virtual Room system. Participation is free and available to those who register in advance. After registration, you will be sent a personalized link. Please do not forward it to anyone else as it is valid only on one device. If you do not receive the personalized link within two days, please check your spam folder or email us. Your mail server might have blocked our emails.


In recent years, the state authorities have actively brought claims against businesses regarding ecological violations. Sometimes, this becomes an issue affecting the further operation of the business or may even lead to billions in losses. We believe that working effectively with and preventing such claims is a complex task for lawyers and ecology experts alike. It is exactly for this reason that BIRCH LEGAL and Environ Consult CIS prepared this event for you.

During our webinar we will discuss:

  • Relevant issues related to ecological regulations and recent changes (emissions, atmospheric air, environmental fees)
  • Practical issues concerning ecological audits and their compliance with legislative requirements
  • The art of conducting ecological disputes
  • Ecological disputes from an ecologist's point of view: case study
  • Disputes with water utilities over non-contractual water consumption: how to reduce the amount of compensation
  • Q&A

Please note that the webinar is intended only for in-house specialists.

We hope to see you there!


Evgeny Oreshin

Partner, Attorney at law, Dispute Resolution

+7 903 777 9825

Sergey Chernyansky

Senior Managing Consultant, Environ Consult CIS

Polina Surikova

Managing Consultant, Environ Consult CIS

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