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BIRCH LEGAL announces the appointment of a new partner and two counsels

Moscow, 25 July 2023. As part of the consistent strengthening of our team, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Timur Akhundov as a partner as well as Anton Borisichev and Alexander Gavrilov as counsels.

25 July 2023
Celebration of the foundation of the BIRCH LEGAL brand

On April 25, 2022 our team started operating under our new name.

25 April 2023
BIRCH LEGAL is delighted to announce the arrival of Attorney at law Evgeny Rubinstein

Moscow, April 17, 2023. BIRCH LEGAL continues its dynamic expansion with attorney at law Evgeny Rubinstein joining the White-Collar Crime practice as Counsel.

17 April 2023
The results of the 2023 Kommersant Legal Rating

On April 5, 2023 Kommersant published the results of the 2023 Legal Rating.

5 April 2023
BIRCH LEGAL advised Amur Minerals on the sale of Kun-Manie Project to Bering Metals LLC

BIRCH LEGAL acted as a counsel to Amur Minerals in its sale of Kun-Manie, a major undeveloped nickel copper sulfide property in the Amur Region to Bering Metals LLC.

17 March 2023
BIRCH LEGAL together with Yandex’s team restored legal protection for the “Yandex Afisha” trademark

BIRCH LEGAL together with Yandex’s team succeeded in cancelling Rospatent’s decision which terminated the legal protection of the “Yandex Afisha” trademark.

7 March 2023
BIRCH LEGAL advised the Cherkizovo Group on the acquisition of the Healthy Farm Group

BIRCH LEGAL provided full scale legal support to the Cherkizovo Group with the acquisition of the Healthy Farm agricultural holding company’s facilities.

26 December 2022
The results of the 2022 Forbes Club Legal Ranking

On December 20, 2022 Forbes Club Legal Ranking results have been released. It is a survey of the best law firms in Russia representing the interests of affluent clients.

20 December 2022
BIRCH LEGAL advised Avito Work on the acquisition of HR Messenger

BIRCH LEGAL provided full scale legal support to Avito Work with the acquisition of a controlling stake in HR Messenger, a recruitment and staff adaptation automation service.

16 December 2022
BIRCH LEGAL advised shareholders of Medical On Group on the sale of a network of multifunctional clinics to Medscan Holding

BIRCH LEGAL provided full scale legal support for Medical On Group’s sale of their Russian business, a network of multifunctional clinics, to Medscan Holding.

6 December 2022

Legal alerts

The Guidelines for complying with mandatory advertising requirements have been published

On 14 November 2023, the FAS of Russia approved the Guidelines for complying with the mandatory requirements “Definition of advertising” and published several drafts of other guidelines in the field of advertising.

30 November 2023
Amendments to the Federal Law No. 117-FZ from 18 July 2006 “On exporting gas” (Law “On exporting gas”)

On 02 November 2023, the President of the RF signed Federal Laws No. 514-FZ and No. 515-FZ which provide for expanding the list of exporters of liquefied natural gas (LNG)./

14 November 2023
Suspension of the most popular tax agreements between Russia and countries of the unfriendly world

On 8 August 2023, Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 595 “On the Russian Federation’s suspension of certain provisions of international agreements on taxation to which the Russian Federation is a party” was published.

15 August 2023
A new law on economically significant entities

On 4 August 2023, Federal Law No. 470-FZ was adopted introducing a special procedure that allows for the corporate rights of foreign holding structures in economically significant Russian organizations to be restricted, as well as for the direct ownership in such organizations to be acquired by Russian beneficiaries and for them to receive dividends directly. The law comes into force on 4 September 2023.

8 August 2023
The new rules for obtaining clearance for share transactions with foreign parties connected with "unfriendly" countries

The new minutes of the meeting of the Governmental Sub-Commission No. 171/5 was published on 12 July 2023 establishing new rules for obtaining clearance for transactions with shares (participatory interests) in Russian companies if carried out with a party to such a transaction that is deemed as “unfriendly” person.

14 July 2023
Clarifications of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in relation to interim measures

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has passed the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated 1 June 2023 N 15 "On Certain Issues of the Courts Taking Measures to Enforce the Claim, Interim Measures and Preliminary Protection Measures".

6 July 2023
Recovering damages associated with frozen payments from banks

In Russian case law, the approach to recovering damages from sanctioned banks which occured due to payments made by Russian entities to foreign contracting parties being blocked by foreign correspondent banks is changing.

30 May 2023
Updated guidelines on clearing share deals with foreign elements

On 27 March 2023, the new protocol No. 143/4 of the meeting of the Government Sub-Commission was published, amending the guidelines on clearing share deals with foreign elements.

30 March 2023
Foreign shareholders of large companies may be restricted in their corporate rights

On 17 January 2023, the President signed Decree No. 16 “On an interim procedure for the governing bodies of certain Russian companies to adopt resolutions.”

6 February 2023
New requirements for clearing share deals and pay dividends

On 30 December 2022, Sub-Commission of the Government Commission on control of foreign investments in Russia established new rules for clearances.

30 December 2022